Bite Away Termite and Pest Control, Inc. was founded in 2005 by two Navy buddies. They built Bite Away to serve San Diego and the surrounding communities with great service focused on finding and repairing termite damage. The founders retired in 2021 and the company has been acquired by Philippe and Tonja Heller who own The Real Estate Inspection Company, another great company that has served home buyers and the real estate community for since 2004.

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The Real Estate Inspection Company has always been the most innovative home inspection company in San Diego by implementing great technology into the business. We are now doing the same with termite inspections. We now have great reports that include color pictures of the findings. This is very important to build trust with customers who can’t always see the termite damage if it is in an attic or under a house. Clients can now easily schedule termite inspections online, 24/7.

When you need a home and/or a termite inspection, you can schedule both with one phone call. Our inspectors are top notch, and our in-house repair crew is fantastic. We want to be your trusted source for all of your inspection needs. We offer clients of The Real Estate Inspection Company deep discounts on services such as termite inspections, pest control and more. And we can provide you with all of the following services, too:

  • Fumigation
  • Rodent trapping and exclusion
  • Wood repair
  • Insulation remediation (adding and replacing)
  • Pest Control
Bite Away Termite and Pest Control, Inc.
926 S. Andreasen Dr. Suite 110 Escondido , CA 92029
+1 (619) 582-7370