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Welcome to Bite Away Termite and Pest Control, where we answer questions about the intriguing world of insects and bugs! Whether you want to learn more about bugs, or just want them gone from your property utilizing tailored pest control solutions, Bite Away can help.

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Did you know that not all insects are bugs, but all bugs are insects? Insects are classified by their three-part body structure, two antennae, six legs, and usually one or two pairs of wings. However, true bugs are a specific subgroup of insects that belong to the order Hemiptera, characterized by specialized sucking and piercing mouthparts.

Whether you’re an enthusiast, a student, or simply curious about the small wonders of our world, we invite you to explore our site. Likewise, if you just want these pest kept out of your home or business, plus rodents, birds, bats and other wildlife, you’ve come to the right place. We care about every customer, and we know the unique needs of our pest control clients. Your technician becomes an expert at controlling any pest problems you are having. They have the ability to customize a treatment program to control pests and keep your family safe.

We keep it simple

Bite Away offers many services. But that can be intimidating! That’s why we offer straightforward tiers of service that add increasing levels of protection for various pests depending on your needs. We also help you budget your pest control spending by allowing monthly payments so there are no surprises. All of our general pest control services are guaranteed, so if you see a recurrence of pests between visits, just give us a call and we’ll treat your home at no additional cost. Termite Services in San Diego