Termite inspection, protection, and repair in San Diego

When was the last time you had your home inspected for termites or other wood-destroying organisms? For most homeowners, the last time they checked for termites was when they bought the house. If that is the case for you, consider having a termite inspection performed to avoid costly repairs down the road. For long-term termite protection Bite Away can protect your home from termites, guaranteed.

Bite Away is a full-service termite inspection, remediation, and protection company. Whether you are seeking a home, purchasing a home, or just want to maintain your valuable asset, Bite Away will look out for you. If termites are found, we have several options to rid your home of termites.

Termite Inspections

Termite inspection

Finding termite damage begins with a thorough inspection. Our State-licensed inspectors have decades of combined experience. They know where to look – even if someone covered damage with paint and putty. Bite Away is your best bet for a great inspection if you are buying or selling a house. You will get a report that includes photos of damaged areas within 24 hours. If damage is found, you will get a competitive estimate to repair the damage and make the house look new.


The most effective way to rid your home, RV, boat, mobile home, garage, barn, or any structure is via fumigation. This technique encapsulates the structure in air-tight tarps. Gas is injected inside the tarp and enters every void, killing drywood termites and most other pests in the home.


Spot Treatments

Subterranen termite treatment

Sometimes we need to go where the termites live. Subterranean termites live underground. While fumigation will kill drywood termites and those that have moved into the house, it isn’t effective in killing termites underground.

Spot treatment Involves drilling multiple holes into infested areas of flooring and walls for termiticide injection.
● Less expensive and more convenient than heating and fumigation.
● Lasting effects for protection against future swarms.
● Does not affect termites in inaccessible areas (spot treatment is roughly only 2 square feet), potentially requiring multiple treatments.

Wood Repair

When damaged wood is found, the best repair is to replace the affected wood. Bite Away’s skilled carpenters will repair your home so it looks like new. We avoid using cheap fillers, which can fall out and frankly don’t look very good. Instead, we replace the wood to the original joint so the repairs aren’t noticeable. It’s the right way to do it, and Bite Away takes pride in doing things correctly. We can also repair your termite-damaged fence and patio covers.

Awesome wood repair

Bite Away Total Termite Defense: Your Friendly Option

The treatment option provided by Bite Away differs from both spot treatment and fumigation. The application includes areas both on the interior and exterior of the household.
● Covers more area than termite spot treatment.
● Protects against both Drywood termites and Subterranean termites.
● Residual effects of treatment protect against future swarms.
● Preliminary inspections are offered free of charge.

Make an Informed Decision with Bite Away!
Choosing the right termite treatment is crucial, and when considering fumigation versus non-tent solutions, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of each approach. For comprehensive and long-lasting protection, Bite Away’s Total Termite Defense is a recommended option. Contact us today to take advantage of a complimentary termite inspection from our friendly pest experts.