When it comes to repairing termite-damaged wood, Bite Away has you covered. Our repair crew is comprised of skilled craftsmen who can quickly and expertly repair your home or the home you are buying.

Escrow Repairs

Bite Away has been performing inspections and wood repairs for real estate transactions since 2005. Real estate agents know that when they need a fair, thorough inspection, and reasonable repair, they can rely on Bite Away. Our awesome scheduling team will set up inspections quickly for you. And when repairs are needed, we’ll get them done quickly to keep your deal moving forward.

Guaranteed work

All of the work performed by Bite Away is guaranteed for one year. The guarantee is transferable to the new buyers should we perform repairs on a house you are selling. We will also leave your home looking like new where the repairs were performed. That’s because we avoid using wood fillers or splicing in small pieces of wood that eventually shrink and look terrible. Instead, we opt for replacing entire pieces of wood back to the nearest wood joint whenever possible for the highest quality repair.