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Bed Bed Control In San Diego, CA

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Effective Bed Bug Control For Your San Diego Home

For those with a home, their residence is their sanctuary. It’s where they can leave the troubles of work, school, and other obligations behind. They can rest and have some individual time for self-care or be with family and friends. For entrepreneurs, their businesses hold their career aspirations. They have to put a lot of effort, time, and money into maintaining their assets. Unfortunately, insects and creatures can interrupt the peace and success property owners strive for. Bed bugs in San Diego are just one frequently-invading species that can cause stress.

Bed bugs are very small insects that drink blood from humans and animals, resulting in red bumps that are extremely itchy. Managing them is complex because of their size and how fast they reproduce. Further, they can hide in spots that are hard to access. In 2018, 97% of pest professionals performed bed bug services, with 66% reporting that the prevalence of these insects is increasing. You don’t have to battle bed bugs alone. We at Bite Away Termite & Pest Control have the advanced tools to assist you.

Our Bed Bug Control Process

If you’re unsure what a bed bug looks like, think of an apple seed. These critters have reddish-brown bodies that are oval-shaped. They’re generally 1/4 of an inch long and have antennae and six legs. Upon closer inspection, you might observe their heads are smaller than their tails. Their midsection looks strange. After mating, they’ll drop pearly white eggs. Translucent nymphs will hatch from them.

Many people believe that dirty conditions attract bed bugs to homes and businesses, but this isn’t true. Blood is their only lure, so they’ll creep into locations with animals or humans, such as farms, offices, hotels, schools, bus stations, and airports. All the insects have to do is get into your bags or clothing. They’ll wander with you to your next destination.

Mattresses aren’t the only thing bed bugs take over. They’ll gather in or around electrical sockets, appliances, upholstered furniture, fabrics, wood trim, and more. If you start to find reddish-brown blots and blood drops on surfaces and fabrics, there’s an infestation. Seeing brown or black fecal grains and stains is an indicator as well as a musty odor. Bites on your skin are also an evident sign; the welts will be similar to a rash.

An expert Bite Away Termite & Pest Control technician will thoroughly inspect your domicile and establishment to identify possible bed bug harborage points. The interior will then be treated with eco-friendly products that are industrial-grade. We have indoor solutions and spot applications. Cracks, crevices, and voids are certain to be addressed. Our highly-trained staff will collaborate with you to develop an effective plan based on your circumstances. Retail insecticides can be expensive and toxic, so it’s wiser to contact us right away for professional bed bug services in San Diego.

Say Goodbye To Bed Bugs

Bite Away Termite & Pest Control is established in San Diego and Escondido, covering all of San Diego County. We offer same-day appointments. Our affordable and organic pest control plans include monthly and quarterly visits and treatments with natural botanical compounds. If you call or email us today, we will provide a free estimate!