Mosquito larvae

Eco-Friendly Mosquito Treatment

Mosquito larvae

Eco-Friendly Mosquito Treatment

Asian Tiger Mosquito

Mosquito season is upon us!

Mosquitoes multiply by laying eggs in standing water. And it does not take much. A dog bowl, toy or clay pot can hold enough water for a mosquito to lay her eggs. With the above average and extended rain we have had, this year promises to experience an epic battle with these little monsters. The striped mosquito you see above is particularly aggressive. They are a fairly new species in San Diego called the Asian Tiger Mosquito.

Eco-Friendly Products

Bite Away is please to offer an eco-friendly treatment option for our clients. If you are concerned about pesticides, or if you live near a waterway, this is a perfect, safe solution to keep your home and yard mosquito free. The product we use kills mosquitoes with a mix of botanical oils that are completely safe, such as lemongrass and citronella.

Repels Ticks, too!

As an added benefit, when you get mosquito treatments from Bite Away, our products repel ticks as well as mosquitos. Protect your family from two pests that spread very dangerous diseases. Get started today by calling or filling out our contact form.

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