Friendly Termite Solutions for Your Home

Friendly Termite Solutions for Your Home

Selecting the right termite treatment is a big decision for homeowners, and it’s essential to be aware of all available options. Every year witnesses thousands of fumigations, both large and small, addressing various forms of pest infestation. When dealing with drywood termite issues, homeowners can choose between traditional tent fumigation solutions and non-tent alternatives.

Fumigation: Thorough Treatment

In some cases, infestations can be severe, making tent fumigation the most effective option, especially in widespread or hard-to-reach areas. Termites, once settled in a home, can live in less visible places like beams, walls, or underneath floorboards. With fumigation, the gas reaches every nook, penetrating wood structures where termites reside. The fumigant used is a true gas, leaving no residue once the home is thoroughly aerated.

However, it’s important for homeowners to be aware of certain drawbacks:
● Inconvenient (property evacuation for 72 hours) and associated costs.
● Proper preparation is crucial, including the removal of occupants, pets, plants,
medicine, food, open containers, and cosmetics. Gas service disconnection and extinguishing pilot lights are necessary.

Non-Fumigation Solutions: Approachable Alternatives

Several alternatives to fumigation exist, with the two most common methods being heat and liquid pesticide treatment. Similar to fumigation, each alternative has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Heating: Effective and Consider

Heat-based treatments have proven effective against termite swarms. Heating involves tenting and raising the temperature of the wood throughout a home to 120-130 degrees for 35-60 minutes.
● Effective when localized colonies can be identified.
● Potential damage to heat-sensitive belongings (electronics, vinyl, beauty
supplies, wiring, furniture, etc.).
● Energy costs can make heating expensive.

Spot Treatment: Cost-Effective Care

Involves drilling multiple holes into infested areas of flooring and walls for termiticide injection.
● Less expensive and more convenient than heating and fumigation.
● Lasting effects for protection against future swarms.
● Does not affect termites in inaccessible areas (spot treatment is roughly only 2
square feet), potentially requiring multiple treatments.

Bite Away Total Termite Defense: Your Friendly Option

The treatment option provided by Bite Away differs from both spot treatment and fumigation. The application includes areas both on the interior and exterior of the household.
● Covers more area than termite spot treatment.
● Protects against both Drywood termites and Subterranean termites.
● Residual effects of treatment protect against future swarms.
● Preliminary inspections are offered free of charge.

Make an Informed Decision with Bite Away!

Choosing the right termite treatment is crucial, and when considering fumigation versus non-tent solutions, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of each approach. For comprehensive and long-lasting protection, Bite Away’s Total Termite Defense is a recommended option. Contact us today to take advantage of a complimentary termite inspection from our friendly pest experts.

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