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Ramona Pest Control Services

Fun fact: Ramona, CA is not actually considered a town — it's a 'census designated place,' or CDP. Regardless of its designation, Ramona is a bustling place with just under 21,000 residents calling it home. Close to the Mexican border and about 120 miles from Los Angeles, Ramona's increasing human population has also brought an increase to the number of pests calling it home as well, making San Diego County pest control a necessity for both homes and businesses.

Here at Bite Away Termite and Pest Control Inc., we have served Ramona and San Diego County for over 30 years. Our technicians are experts in the behavior and mannerisms of all the different pests that invade the area. We pride ourselves on providing same-day service and the use of eco-friendly products.

Residential Pest Control In Ramona

Finding a pest inside your home is a frustrating and overwhelming experience. Here at Bite Away Termite and Pest Control Inc., residential pest control is a priority. We understand the urgency one feels upon finding their home infected with dangerous, possibly disease-ridden pests. That is why we offer emergency, same-day services. If you call us in the morning with a problem, a technician will be there in the afternoon to set everything straight. With the use of our eco-friendly products, you can be sure that no harm will come to your family or pets by the chemicals used within that treatment while we are thoroughly exterminating whatever infestation you might have. If you want comprehensive, prompt residential pest control, give us a call. Let us help you get your sense of security back!

Commercial Pest Control In Ramona

As fellow business owners, we understand how difficult it can be to run one. There is a never-ending list of things to do; however, many forget about the need for commercial pest control services until it is too late. When this gets put on the back burner, all it takes for your hard-earned reputation to plummet is for one customer to post online about seeing a pest at your establishment. For top-quality San Diego county pest control, look no further than the experts at Bite Away Termite and Pest Control Inc. Our commercial pest control services include emergency visits, the same as our residential pest control services do. You can count on us to take care of your problem quickly and efficiently, using the same safe, eco-friendly products that are good for the environment and deadly for pests. Don't let your life become a public relations nightmare. Give us a call today!

Why Trust Bite Away Termite And Pest Control Inc. For Rodent Problems In Ramona?

Because there are so many different types of rodents, it takes a professional to understand how each one of them operates.

Below are some of the common rodents you will find here:

  • Rats: Infamous for spreading the original 'Black Death' that killed millions during the Middle Ages, all the different types of rats native to Ramona are still capable of spreading this disease through the fleas they carry today.
  • Mice: Another pesky nuisance that destroys your physical property; mice are also known vectors of diseases and can make you and your loved ones very ill, very quickly.
  • Squirrels: While some may consider them cute, squirrels can wreak all kinds of havoc on your home or business, destroying property and your belongings, as well as spreading diseases.

Here at Bite Away Termite and Pest Control Inc. we have dealt with all these different types of rodents for three decades. Our expert technicians have the skills and knowledge needed to safely and effectively exterminate rodents in your home or business without anyone getting sick.

The Trick To Keeping Spiders Out Of Your Ramona Home

Finding spiders in your Ramona home is never a fun discovery. Fortunately, there are things you can do to help keep these common house spiders away:

  • Seal up holes: Go around your house and seal up any holes you may find, no matter how small. Common house spiders can squeeze through virtually any size hole, so be sure to block every possible entry point.
  • Clear out clutter: Spiders are attracted to cluttered areas because it provides them with a safe place to hide and reproduce. Take that shelter away from them by clearing clutter out, making your home less appealing.
  • Deal with existing insect infestations: A spider infestation sometimes means you were already dealing with other insects in your home. If there is a free meal lying around your home in the form of an insect, spiders will flock there to feast on the buffet.

At Bite Away Termite and Pest Control Inc., our technicians can help you implement prevention strategies to keep all types of spiders away from and out of your Ramona home. Give us a call today to get started!