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Scorpion Identification & Prevention

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What are scorpions?

Most scorpion species are nocturnal and solitary. They live alone and do their hunting at night. An interesting fact about some species is that they glow under a black light due to part of their exoskeleton.

Scorpions have a distinct look with their eight legs, pincers, and a segmented tail that ends in a stinger. As stated above, scorpions are arachnids, so they have a hard exoskeleton. The size and color of this pest vary depending on the species.

Although many species are solitary, you can still experience an infestation of them if your home provides a conducive environment for them.

Are scorpions dangerous?

While many people believe scorpions are dangerous, whether this is due to the way they look, how they are portrayed in movies and tv, or their reputation, the truth is not all species are dangerous. All scorpions have venom and stingers, but these are used to capture prey much smaller than people.

In the United States, the only species considered dangerous to people is the bark scorpion, of which very few are found in this part of California. The largest populations of bark scorpions are in Arizona. Although this is the case, you should always monitor your symptom if stung by a scorpion, as some people can be allergic to their venom.

Why do I have a scorpions problem?

Because of the climate in San Diego, scorpions are common pests. They are attracted to properties that provide adequate food resources, which for scorpions includes insects. They are also attracted to cool, dark places, so if your yard is full of debris or is overgrown, you may see an increase in population.

Where will I find scorpions?

When scorpions get inside, they will gravitate to damp and dark areas. Such areas include bathrooms, laundry rooms, cabinets, under furniture, closets, garages, basements, and potted plants. They can also be found where there are high populations of the insects they eat.

How do I get rid of scorpions?

If you have scorpions on your property, you should contact us at Bite Away Termite & Pest Control. Our pest control technicians are trained in handling critters like scorpions. Because scorpions are often attracted to a home because of prey, eco-friendly pest control is essential to removing insect prey safely and keeping them away for good.

Based on your needs and our inspection findings, we will use the following methods for general home pest control including, exterior yard and perimeter spray, interior spray, interior spot treatment, interior crack & crevice treatment, rodent trapping & baiting, wall void treatments, beehive removal, wasp nest removal, and lawn granulation treatments.

These services are provided monthly or quarterly to keep you and your family protected. Call us today to receive a free estimate and get started with the pest control services in San Diego you need to keep scorpions and other pests away.

How can I prevent scorpions in the future?

After you receive professional pest control services to remove a scorpion infestation, you should also utilize the following tips to help prevent them from coming back, including, filling in space that scorpions can squeeze through to get into your house. These spaces can include gaps around plumbing and utility lines, cracks in the foundations, and crevices around doors and windows, install screens on drains and rectify underlying moisture issues, keep your yard free of debris such as leaves and woodpiles, remove dead trees and stumps, trim foliage and keep the grass cut short, deter the prey scorpions hunt for by removing food sources and harborage areas.

Don’t forget to contact us at Bite Away Termite & Pest Control for year-round pest protection.